Edpuzzle is a web-based platform that allows teachers to create interactive videos easily with voiceovers, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions and text or audio messages to their students. Students who are assigned with an Edpuzzle video will be prompted to answer the questions embedded in the video and receive immediate feedback from the teacher while watching the video at their own pace.

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With Flipgrid (now Flip), teachers are able to engage every student in the classroom through online video discussions. To begin with, teachers can create any topics that are related to the teaching content and then invite students to record a video as a response to the topic. After students have submitted their videos, teachers can provide their feedback or ask students to comment on each other’s videos in text or video format.

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Nearpod is a cloud-based presentation and assessment tool that enables teachers to create interactive slides with a variety of activities, such as Matching Pairs, Filling in the Blanks, Time to Climb games, VR Field Trips, PhET Simulation and more. To access the Nearpod slides, students are allowed to choose from teacher-led presentation mode, student-paced participation mode and video instruction mode.

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