Dr Lee Ju Seong

 Associate Head, Department of English Language Education

informal digital learning of English

English as an international language

effective use of e-resources in classrooms

technology, attention and learning

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Online or Blended Teaching

14-Day IDLE Challenge Program: The Power of Informal Digital Learning

Inspired by the “Hole in the Wall” experiments in India and the 30-Day Extramural English Challenge, a 14-Day Extramural English Challenge Program was developed and conducted from December 2022 to March 2021 in local Hong Kong school, Fukien Secondary School. Students who participated in the program were required to choose their favorite English content as their learning objectives and online resources such as YouTube and English Fun Dubbing for their digital learning. During this 14-day challenge, they were expected to showcase what they had learned on a daily basis on Padlet, a real-time online platform useful for cultivating collaboration and interaction among students.

“IDLE is defined as using self-directed English activities in informal digital settings, motivated by personal interests and undertaken independently without being assessed by a teacher.” (Lee & Lee, 2021, p2)

Lee, J.S. and Lee, K. (2021), The role of informal digital learning of English and L2 motivational self system in foreign language enjoyment. Br. J. Educ. Technol., 52: 358-373. https://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.12955

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