Long Ago, up to Now: Classical Chinese Poem Learning with a Mobile App

In this sharing session, Dr Zhang Ling would first discuss the rationale behind the mobile app she initiated, ‘Classical Chinese Poems Sing Along (古詩粵唱粵啱Key)’ by focusing on the relationship between classical Chinese poems and singing. Then, she would demonstrate how to use the three modes of this app and share the feedback she had received from the teachers, students and parents who had used it before.

(length: 43:23)

Outline of this Sharing Session: Long Ago, up to Now: Classical Chinese Poem Learning with a Mobile App

Presenter: Dr Zhang Ling


00:00 – 03:19

Outline of this sharing session

Part 1: Long ago, up to now

03:20 – 06:45

Long ago: Classical Chinese poems and singing

06:46 – 11:45

Up to now: Cantonese tones in speaking and singing

11:46 – 13:30

Application: Transition from speaking to singing

Part 2: The mobile app:
“Classical Chinese Poems Sing Along”

13:31 – 14:46

Introduction to the mobile app

14:47 – 16:53

Three modes of the mobile app

16:54 – 21:54

Mode 1: Listen to the poems (聽唱古詩)

21:55 – 24:21

Mode 2: Sing along to the poems (跟唱古詩)

24:22 – 25:43

Mode 3: Sing to create your poems (唱誦創作)

Part 3: User feedback

25:44 – 28:27

General feedback

28:28 – 30:41

Comments and suggestions

Part 4: Reflections

30:42 – 35:49

Teaching philosophy: CARE

35:50 – 37:29

The HUMBOL project

37:30 – 38:09



38:10 – 42:06

How to make poetry into songs? 
How about English and Chinese (Mandarin)?


42:07 – 43:23

Closing and thanks

For more details about the mobile APP “Classical Chinese Poems Sing Along (古詩粵唱粵啱Key)”, please visit her poster page here: https://humbol.eduhk.hk/posters/zhangling/.
For more talks and topics, here is the full list of links to both Parallel Sessions: https://humbol.eduhk.hk/category/conference/.

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